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Mon - Sun: 7:00am - 7:00pm
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car detailing

Customer testimonials

Hear what people have to say about bousquets auto spa.

"Conner did such a great job detailing my car the other day very pleased with how it turned out very friendly will definitely be coming back in the future! 10/10 recommend this business."

-Ciera Rogers

"I brought my car in to Conner for an interior detail and he did an impeccable job! I have a toddler and two dogs-- and my car definitely reflects that. He was able to get out a weird mystery stain that had been in my back seat for quite a while and the car over-all looked like new again. We will definitely use his services again."

-Jordan Flanigan

"Connor was fantastic to work with! He got me in last minute, did a great job, was courteous and professional, and his pricing is VERY reasonable. One of the things he said during our initial meeting was that he’s in this business for the people rather than the money, and this principle is exemplified in every aspect of his business. Definitely going to be a repeat customer and recommend him to everyone in the northern Colorado area."

-Emily Johnson

"The service was amazing and they were so nice. I was blow away at the end results I made an appointment for other vehicles. They got every crack and crevice and I left me with a new car feel!"

-Ryan Ward

"Bousquet’s auto spa is by far one of the best automotive detailing businesses I have seen around the noco area! Does great efficient work and always takes great care of his customers! Highly recommend getting a car touch up through him!!"

-Sam Velarde

"Conner has amazing talent and will have your car ridiculously clean. I totally Recommend him to anyone in CO! He has different detail packages you can purchase all within an AWESOME price!! Once again definitely recommend BOUSQUET AUTO SPA " 🏎️

-Isaiah Montes

"Bousquet Auto Spa did an amazing job.  My car looks brand new!  The customer service was excellent.  I’ll definitely use this business again."

-C Gentore

I would recommend using this place for your car, they offer multiple different services and by the end your car will be looking great. I thought some stains would be impossible to get out but this place got my car looking new again.

-Jack Stegner

"Bousquet’s auto spa was undoubtedly the best detailing company I have ever used. Previously I had used Speedy Sparkle for all mine detailing needs but the were slow and expensive. Bousquet’s auto spa was quick and affordable and I would recommend it to anyone who needs work done in their car. Amazing work"

-Zachary Hogan

Bousquets vision
Our vision at Bousquets Auto Spa is to be the premier car detailing service that transforms the way people experience and care for their vehicles. We envision a future where every car receives the utmost care and attention, bringing out its true potential and leaving a lasting impression. Through innovation, exceptional craftsmanship, and a passion for perfection, we aim to set new standards in the car detailing industry and become the go-to choice for car owners seeking unparalleled quality and service.
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Bousquets mission
At Bousquets Auto Spa, our mission is to provide exceptional car detailing services that go beyond the surface. We are dedicated to restoring the beauty and enhancing the value of every vehicle we touch. With our meticulous attention to detail, top-notch products, and skilled professionals, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations and leave them with a vehicle that looks and feels brand new. Your satisfaction is our driving force, and we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service.
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buy one service get a free INTERIOR on another vehicle all july!

30% off all
auto services

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service - 01
carpet shampoo
Starting at
$15 per row

Say goodbye to stubborn stains and odors. Our carpet shampoo service deeply cleans and revitalizes your car's carpets, restoring their original beauty and leaving a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

service icon 05
service - 02
seat shampoo
Starting at
$25 per row

Treat your seats to a luxurious cleanse. Our seat shampoo service removes dirt and stains, rejuvenating the upholstery and providing a comfortable and spotless seating experience.

service icon 03
service - 03
engine detailing
Starting at

Give your engine the attention it deserves. Our engine detailing service ensures optimal performance and longevity by removing dirt, grease, and grime, leaving your engine bay looking clean and well-maintained.

service icon 03
service - 04
hand wash

Revitalize your vehicle with our meticulous hand wash car detailing service. We pamper every inch, from the sleek exterior to the sparkling interior, ensuring a spotless, showroom-quality finish. Elevate your ride's appearance and protect its value with our expert care.

service icon 03
service - 05
maintenace interior clean

Maintain the beauty and comfort of your vehicle's interior with our specialized maintenance clean. We'll refresh and renew every detail, from seats to carpets, leaving your cabin looking and feeling like new. Keep your car in top condition with our interior maintenance service.

service icon 03
service - 06
motorcycle detail

Elevate your motorcycle's appearance with our precision detailing service. From the sleek bodywork to the intricate mechanics, we'll give your bike the attention it deserves. Ride in style with our motorcycle detailing expertise."

service icon 06
service - 07
headlight restoration
Starting at

Enhance visibility and safety with crystal-clear headlights. Our headlight restoration service removes haze and yellowing, improving illumination for a safer drive and restoring the aesthetic appeal of your car.

service icon 01
service - 08
interior detailing
Starting at
(price may vary depending on size of vehicle)

Experience a pristine and fresh interior with our meticulous cleaning and conditioning. From deep cleaning to stain removal, we revitalize every surface, leaving your car's interior looking and smelling like new.

service icon 02
service - 09
exterior detailing
Starting at

Unleash the shine and protect your car's exterior. Our expert detailing includes thorough hand wash, paint correction, and premium wax application, leaving your vehicle with a stunning and protected finish.

service icon 06
service - 10
Mini combination detail Starting at $225- 300
(price may vary depending on size of vehicle)

Transform your vehicle with our premium exterior and interior detailing package, including a thorough wash, meticulous polishing, and a protective wax coating. Experience the ultimate shine and showroom finish, leaving your car looking stunning from every angle. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer for a complete revitalization of your prized possession.

service icon 03
service - 11
wheel ceramic coating

Experience the next level of protection with our wheel ceramic coating service. We shield your wheels from road grime, brake dust, and corrosion, ensuring they stay gleaming and easy to clean. Elevate your ride with wheel ceramic coating.

service icon 06
service - 12
deluxe combination detail Starting at $300- 360
(price may vary depending on size of vehicle)

Reveal the true beauty of your vehicle with our meticulous in-depth detailing service. Our expert team will polish every inch, restoring the luster to your car's exterior and rejuvenating the interior to showroom perfection. Complete with a premium wax application for lasting protection and an irresistible shine. Revitalize your ride today.

service icon 06
service - 13
Full exterior detail with ceramic coat
$400 limited time deal
(price may vary depending on size of vehicle)

Unveil automotive excellence with our Full Exterior Detail + Ceramic Coat service. Our meticulous team will lavish your vehicle with unparalleled attention to detail, leaving every inch flawlessly cleaned and restored. Elevate your car's appearance and protection to new heights with our premium ceramic coating, providing a long-lasting shield against the elements and a brilliant, head-turning shine. Indulge in the ultimate automotive luxury and give your vehicle the care it deserves with our Full Exterior Detail + Ceramic Coat.

service icon 06
service - 14
High end detail Starting at
(price may vary depending on size of vehicle)

Discover the true beauty of your vehicle with our premium detailing package. Elevate your car to a whole new level of excellence with our meticulous in-depth polish, comprehensive interior and exterior detailing, and our signature ceramic coating. Experience the ultimate protection and unmatched shine that only a ceramic coating can provide. Give your car the royal treatment it deserves and enjoy the pinnacle of automotive luxury.

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michael bronson
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jennifer o'neal
Nulla fermentum mi ac rutrum sagittis. Etiam ex purus, porttitor facilisis nibh eu, suscipit scelerisque nibh. Morbi laoreet ornare turpis in dapibus quis sem odio venenatis eleifend.
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